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Event details

Drone Sleepover is a dusk-to-dawn ambient music campout taking place in various cities throughout the U.S. Each performance blends into the other to create 8 hours of uninterrupted drone sound.

April 19 - 20, 2024

Chicago, IL

11 PM - 8 AM


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First week of Feb 2024

Open to

All artists, everywhere.

Jury fee

$10, fee waiver available upon email request.

Performance Overview


Performances range from 45 minutes - 3 hours in length. Artists must be able to play anytime within the duration of the event.


All artists are guaranteed compensation for their performances. We do not cover travel or equiment expenses. 


All performances will be recorded and released as a part of the StretchMetal Drone Sleepover Collection series. Artists split revenue from any album sales.


Drone Sleepover features two types of sound artists. Drones for most of the night and a final artist for the "Music to Wake Up to" set, otherwise known as the rooster call. On the application, you can specify which set you're interested in. If you're applying for both, provide links to samples from both projects.


  • Only send music that people can sleep to.

  • Do not send a link to your noise album stating you can make drone music too.

  • If you need to prepare a track specifically to send to us, ensure your track is accessible for streaming; we won't listen to downloads.

  • We prefer Spotify and Bandcamp links.

  • For an example of accepted artists from previous Drone Sleepovers, visit this link


  • The purpose of this set is to wake everyone up.

  • We prioritize artists who showcase their abilities to perform a slow build; beginning in a droning space and moving into a fast paced mix.

  • We welcome techno, dance, ballroom, and similar genres.

  • For an example, please visit this link.

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