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Projectionist Application


Drone Sleepover is a dusk-to-dawn ambient music campout taking place in various cities throughout the U.S. Each performance blends into the other to create 8 hours of uninterrupted drone sound.

Event details

April 19 - 20, 2024

Chicago, IL

11 PM - 8 AM


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First week of Feb 2024

Open to

All artists, everywhere.

Jury fee

$10, fee waiver available upon email request.

Performance Overview


One aritst is selected to perform the entire, 8 hour duration of the event.


Artist is given a guarantee for their performance. We do not cover travel or equiment expenses. 


Visuals at Drone Sleepover are essential to complete the immersive experience. They provide a visual counterpart to the mesmerizing drone sound, enriching the atmosphere and deepening emotional connections. Visuals become a focal point for contemplative listening, guiding the audience through an otherworldly journey. Here are some types of projections that would work well:

  • Abstract Visuals: Abstract, flowing, and morphing visuals. Think of soft, organic shapes and colors that blend and transform gradually.

  • Geometric Patterns: Intricate and mesmerizing geometric patterns can sync with the repetitive and hypnotic aspects of drone music, creating a visually stimulating yet meditative environment.

  • Slow Motion Video: Slow-motion video of various elements, such as flowing water, flames, etc, can create a soothing and immersive backdrop.

  • Interactive Visuals: Consider using interactive visuals that respond to the music or the movements of the audience. 

  • Soft Gradients and Color Washes: Gradual changes in colors and gradients.

  • Live Visual Mixing: For a more dynamic experience, live visual mixing or VJing can be employed, allowing the visuals to adapt in real time to the music and the atmosphere of the event.


Stray away from text and narrative visuals as the projection's goal is to accompany the sounds and not over-power.

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