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the Drone Sleepover Artist Application: Read this First ↷
The Sleepovers are unique opportunities for folks to connect with a greater community through deep listening and dronesound. We welcome anyone to apply, but first, read this page to make sure its a good fit:

Music applications are open to:

  • Artists everywhere

  • Signed and unsigned artists

Important details re. the application:

  • The application deadline is March 15th, 2023.

  • Only send music that people can sleep to. Do not send a link to your noise album and say that you're capable of making drone music too. If you need to prepare a track specifically to send to us, just make sure to upload it someplace we can stream, no downloads.

  • The application fee is a sliding scale suggested at $15. Pay less if you need to and more if you can. 

  • StretchMetal is run by queer and trans ambient artists, and we prioritize booking projects with identities subject to underrepresentation within experimental sound.

Important details re. the event:

  • The Chicago Drone Sleepover will take place on June 24th, 2023.

  • All artists are compensated for their performances. 

  • Performances run an average of 1-3 hours in length (you'll get to specify your preference).

  • The show starts at 10 pm and goes on until 6 am. Be prepared to play anytime between then.

  • All performances will be recorded and released as a part of the StretchMetal Drone Sleepover Collection series.

  • StretchMetal does not provide an artist backline or cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Made it to the bottom of the page and still want to apply? click here!

Other ways to get involved at the Drone Sleepover

  • volunteer application

  • video artists

  • photographers                                                                                                          

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