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What started in 2019 in an apartment in Chicago amongst a group of friends has grown into an annual tradition occupying 4,000 plus sqft warehouses in stealth locations throughout the U.S. The night is an ode to the roots of ambient tradition: community building via deep listening techniques, bringing a sea of sleeping and restful bodies into one common center, described in the field guide as the ((common ring)).

Drone Sleepover

is a dusk-to-dawn ambient music campout taking place in various cities throughout the U.S. Each performance blends into the other to create 8 hours of unbroken, uninterrupted sound.

Q // A

Is it actually a sleepover?

Yes. All performances align on the common ground that all sounds must be music you can sleep to. And trust us: you will hear snores.

What should I bring?

Anything you would on a camping trip (minus the burner stove). Water bottles, camping pad/yoga mat, pillows/cushions/sleeping bags/blankets, are all good places to start. Mattresses are fine but please be mindful of space in order to maximize comfort for all listeners. Inflatable items (mattress, couch, etc.) need to be blown up prior to the event to limit sound.

Can I play?

Drone Sleepover uses an open app-based process to select the night’s performances. Check out this page to see what's available, and subscribe to keep posted on application announcements.

Where is it located?

Chicago on June 24th, Sept. 9th in Seattle, and Sept. 23, in New York.

How much are tickets?

Standard $32-38, DOS/Doors $42

⁑As with all StretchMetal programming, NOTAFLOF, and a sliding scale ticket option is available on ticket window


DRONE SLEEPOVER is a part of the StretchMetal Corp NFP programming family. More information can be found on the StretchMetal homepage.

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