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Gray Schiller

Founder and Lead Curator

Fran Cristoforo

Community Manager

Magritte Nankin 

Production Manager

Olive Haugh

Booking Coordinator 


To cultivate unique listening environments highlighting lesser-known but highly talented contemporary sound and video artists.


StretchMetal is a Chicago-based nonprofit corporation dedicated to offering unique opportunities for ambient and genre-bending artists nationwide. Through curated live music programming, audio/visual experiences, and electronic workshops, we create space for experimental artists to thrive. 

Core Values

  • Promote Accessibility. We maintain affordable ticket prices and ensure nobody misses out due to financial constraints. Our commitment to ADA-compliant venues guarantees inclusivity for all, regardless of disabilities.

  • Prioritize Artistry over Influence. We value artists for their work, not just their social media presence. We empower under-recognized talents to showcase their skills in distinctive settings with significant rewards.

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