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The StretchMetal Infinite Drone
Membership Pendant 

$155 every 12 months

Show your support for ambient music programming with wearable circuit board magic ₊✧

How's it work?

The pendant operates as a membership to StretchMetal. Upon purchase, you will be added to a members-only email subscription, granting free access to all shows. Members are given early access to RSVP to events, however, we cannot guarantee entry after events hit capacity. 



  • Early access and free entry to all shows (Including Drone Sleepover)

  • 15% of all merch and tape releases 

  • Members-only newsletter content


What's it made of?

The Infinite Drone Pendant features a PCB (circuit board) etched charm supported by Sterling Silver and held in a glass dome.

Keep in mind:

Wearing this pendant without email confirmation of an RSVP won't guarantee entry. Admission is subject to the discretion of the venue based on event capacity.

Infinite Drone is an auto-renewing annual membership. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time for the following year. Partial refunds are not available.

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